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Implementing accounting software is much more than installing a set of software programs  Accounting software is designed to perform general operating activities related to invoicing customers and collecting on accounts, purchasing materials and services required by the business and paying vendors. These activities extend into order fulfillment, purchasing, managing assets, cash management and inventory control. Success in the implementation of the software depends on properly aligning the capabilities of the software to the activities and procedures necessary to fulfill these primary functions within the context of the business and how it operates.

At one time software systems design involved gathering information about how activities are performed and then coding programs to facilitate these activities and to record and organize the information producted by the activity. Design still involves gathering information about how the activities are performed, but instead of using it to write programs, it is more often used in the selection process to evaluate the suitability of different accounting software packages for carrying out the business activities. After a package is selected the process of implementation uses this information to design procedures for using the software to carry out the operating activities. What is often overlooked in this process is the opportunity to assess how the activities are performed in your business and improve them at the same time you are mapping them to how the software works.

The implementation of new software should improve productivity at every step of the operations. This begins during the design phase by thoroughly understanding how the business currently performs its basic activities, the objectives of the processes, and the information required to manage the activity and the business. This is also the time to ask "how can the current process be performed more efficiently and how can the activities be improved?" and then re-designing the procedures so as to best utilize the software's capabilities to perform them in the most efficient manner.

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R Wright Systems is based in central Arkansas and provides implementation assistance with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains and Sage MAS500 Software throughout Arkansas and surrounding states. I can also provide expert assistance with data conversion for implementation projects associated with moving to or from any of these systems including Workday implementation.


Have a need for interim accounting services? I am available for short-term engagements to fill in for your top financial executives and managers during periods of temporary vacancies, or for special projects requiring experience in executive financial management, systems implementation and improvement, or financial planning and analysis.


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